Stone Mountain Park Electric Bike Rentals

$18/hr - $69/Day
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Must Be 12 Years Old

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  • Should I purchase tickets in advance?

    The only way to guarantee your seat on a Segway PT or for a bike rental for a specific date/time is online through our website, with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. All other tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

  • What happens if I have you arrive late after Segway PT tour training has started?

    IMPORTANT: Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled tour time to check in and start your tour and training on time. If you arrive late we will NOT let you join a tour group that has already started training and your money will not be refunded or your tour rescheduled. Safety and complete training for all of our guests is our 1st priority. No Exceptions Allowed!

  • Are tours given in bad weather?

    Tours run rain or shine. But don’t worry! Some of our best tours have taken place in less-than-perfect weather!  Segway PT tour riders are offered ponchos in the case of inclement weather. However, you should still dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions. In the rare event of severe inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel the tour.

  • How safe is the Segway PT?

    Riding a Segway PT is a lot easier than you think! The utmost care and research has gone into ensuring that the Segway PT is safe. The Segway PT’s balancing technology is truly revolutionary and provides an exceptional riding experience. The Segway PT has redundant systems and sophisticated alerts built into its design, and many thousands of hours of use have demonstrated that the Segway PT is safe when used appropriately. It is important that Segway PT riders understand their responsibility to ride safely. Proper skill level and understanding of the Segway PT prevents injuries caused by loss of control or misuse.

  • Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

    Yes. All participants must sign a liability waiver at the start of the tour. Participants age 16-18 must have an adult 25 years or above sign for them and participate in the ride with them.

  • Are Segway PT rentals available?

    No, but electric bike rentals are available.

  • Is there an age or weight limit for the tour?


    Although riding a Segway PT is relatively easy to do and learn, we do require that all riders be at least 14 years of age. There is a recommended limit of 100-260 lbs. and we ask our guests to be within a reasonable range of these limits.


    Electric Bike riders must be 16 years of age in order to ride a rental bike.

  • How many people can attend a tour?

    Our Segway PT tours are kept at a maximum of 6 per tour guide with a goal of keeping your tour experience as intimate as possible.

  • Are tours only offered in English?

    Yes, we only offer tours in English at this time.

  • Is there parking near the meeting location?

    Parking for our tour is located at the Crossroads area of Stone Mountain Park.

  • Do I tip my tour guide?

    Yes! Our guides love what they do, but researching and discovering the best of the city is expensive! Tipping is customary in the U.S. service industry and is an important component of guides’ compensation. The tip amount is at your discretion, but consider giving 15-20% for a job well done.

  • If a tour is sold out can I get on a waiting list?

    We do not provide a waiting list. If a date is sold out, please check our tour calendar for available tickets on one of our other daily tours.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet?

    All guests of Atlanta Adventure Tours will be provided a helmet to rent ebikes and ride Segway PT’s.  Riders must wear their helmet at all times.

  • Are ebikes hard to ride?

    No.  Ebikes operate like traditional bikes and range from 40-60 lbs.  Once going, riders can use throttle power to maximize the battery life.